Xiao Zhang


GitHub: https://github.com/ZhangXiao96


CSDN Blog (Chinese):https://blog.csdn.net/z_x_1996


2018-2021 M. Eng. School of Artificial Intelligence & Automation, HUST

2014-2018 B. Eng. School of Optical & Electronic Information, HUST

Research Interests

Generalization/Memorization in DNNs, Deep Learning, AI security, Brain-Computer Interfaces


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  2. X. Zhang and D. Wu, “Rethink the Connections among Generalization, Memorization and the Spectral Bias of DNNs,” arXiv: 2004.13954, 2020.
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  1. 2020 Goodix Scholarship for Technology
  2. 2019 National Scholarship for Postgraduates
  3. 2019 1st Place – China Brain-Computer Interface Competition
  4. 2018 1st Place – IEEE WCCI Open Source Intelligence Discovery for Cybersecurity Threat
  5. 2018 3rd Place – Shenzhen International Competition for Medical and Health Big Data Innovative Application